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  18 June 2015  ::.

Gadget Relaunches

Long-term clients, Gadget, have relaunched with a fresh new look and feel, including a new youtube widget, as well as features on the latest movies, videos and products.

Check out the new Gadget.co.za!

  11 June 2015  ::.

SysFinPro launches new website

Absol has implemented a brand new website for SysFinPro, who specialise in systems, financials and project management.

With clients such as Aquarius,International Ferro Metals Limited, and Namakwa Diamonds, SysFinPro can handle your financial needs.

See the new SysFinPro website

  20 March 2015  ::.

The National School of Government website launched

Previously branded as PALAMA, the National School of Government plays a significant role in the learning and development of public service officials. The new website allows for online application for training and induction programmes, as well as the availability of important information regarding the public service and its e-Learning programmes.

The National School of Government Website

  05 January 2015  ::.

Welcome back to work!

Need a website or know of anyone that does? Absol's development team is in full swing and ready for 2015.

*Did you know that Absol offers a finders fee for new referrals?

  19 December 2014  ::.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your support.
We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in 2015!

Absol will be closing on the
19th of December 2014 and reopening on the 5th of January 2015.

Support staff will be on call for emergencies.
Contact support@absol.co.za,
or call Alex on 083 268 2012.

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Feature Update: My Documents Control Panel :.

Feature Update: My Documents Control Panel

We have recently completed the My Documents control panel, this feature allows you to fully utilize the “Document Queuing” option seen when adding or editing a document on your website.

This function allows you to mark certain documents which need the attention of a specific person in your organization. Through this interface, documents can be sent to the inbox of another administrator, so that when they log into the back-end system, they can clearly see the tasks they are required to complete, when they were added and who assigned them. They can then either forward the task to another administrator, or they can handle it themselves. All this time the person who originally assigned the task can check the progress of his item. Delegation, priority and progress are tracked by the system.

The My Documents interface also allows you to pull a list of all the documents you have most recently worked on, documents you have created, and documents you have checked out. This function was built with collaboration and management of tasks in mind and if used correctly can have a positive influence on your productivity and turn around times.


The My Documents control panel can be accessed by clicking on the control panel button and then clicking on the tab titled “My Documents”

For further information please contact Absol Internet Business Solution directly.